TCDS- Day One: Irun to San Sebastian

After a sensational day of touring the walled city of Hondirribia, and beautiful sunshine we were somewhat surprised when we were greeted this morning with very inclement weather. Shades of tramping in New Zealand,


I think they call this a selfie!

We were on the track by 7.30 am and after an initial wander through the streets of Irun we found the signpost we were looking for…good spotting Annie!


Following along a country trail for a couple of kilometers we could see in the distance “them thar hills” with lots of raincloud sitting on top. Lovely day for ducks.

image    image

Soon we were climbing up through dark forest glades our clothes saturated more through sweat than rain. Within half an hour of commencing the climb we reached the quaint church at Guadalope. Here we donned warmer clothing, had a snack and soon recommenced our trek.


With the weather so bad we made the executive decision not to follow the alpinista route as the cloud cover was so low and visibility very poor. As we moved along the lower route, every now and then we could see glimpses of the country below.


Before we knew it we had fourteen kilometers covered and we were soon walking on a sealed road, for about a k. The step descent down to Pasajes de San Juan was negotiated quickly and soon we were waiting for our boatman to transport us to the other side.

image  image


The view above is of the passage and on the right Ann is busy paying the ferryman.

After crossing the mouth of the river to Pasai San Pedro we took many pictures of the pretty village of Pasai Donibane.  The picture on the left shows the headland we had to climb up on our route to San Sebastián. The pictures below are various shots of the village of Pasai Donibane and views of the passage from the climb up the headland.

image  image

image  image

After quite a haul to the top of the headland we were soon making a steady pace along the trail, knowing that San Sebastián was not too far away and the thought of a cup of tea and a hot shower kept a skip in our step for most of the way. By this stage the weather had begun to clear and we had high hopes of seeing San Sebastián on a clear day.

image  imageimage  image

As the weather began to clear the views became much better and we were able to enjoy the most spectucular scenery as we got closer to San Sebastián.

image  image

That evening we stayed in a Pension near the Cathedral.


Irun to SS

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  1. peter hempenstall says:

    Hi Peter and Ann, Sorry we missed you before you took off. Had a lovely time in Italy and will tell you all about it when you finish your own pilgrimage. This is to wish you both the best of health and lots of energy for the big walks. Don’t stub your toes! We will book our tickets for Crossroads Festival while you are away – we can only make the Saturday concerts this year and hoping to spend Friday night with you. Walk well,
    love Peter and Jacquie after walking all over Tuscany.

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