These short video clips are to be viewed for HSIE and English homework this week. Answer the worksheet as you watch the video clips.

The first Video clip is on GOLD PANNING:

Gold Panning at Sovereign Hill – Video 1

The second video can be viewed by accessing the school’s Z Drive/ Year 5/ Gold/ Cradling for Gold

Cradling For Gold 1870s Pattern Rocker Box~1 – \video 2 

Watch the two videos: 1. Gold Panning and 2. Cradling then answer the worksheet based on the two videos.

 Click on the link, open the Word Document and save it to your printer and commence working on the document OR print the file and write your answers out by hand.


Homework from Week 8

Peach’s Gold — Eureka Part 1,1983

Peach’s Gold — Eureka Part 2, 1983

PEACH’S GOLD Worksheet

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