Day Three: Rosthwaite to Grasmere

Day Three of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast:  Rosthwaite to Grasmere; 12.1 km;  started out with the weather cool and overcast but soon it cleared to be warm and sunny.

Switchback over two passes surrounded by outstanding mountain walks, climbing first from Borrowdale to Wordsworth’s Grasmere. Martin Waignwright, “The Coast to Coast Walk”, p. 54

Once again we took the high route as the weather looked as if it would clear, thus availing us of more fabulous views. Our journey out of Rosthwaite took us along the Keswick road and thence we crossed over the Derwent River. From here we meandered up a gravelled track beside a picturesque beck.

P1030319     P1030320

It was not long before the track began to incline, although at a steady rate, rather than a sudden climb. In the distance we could see the distinctive hills which we would have to crossover that day.

P1030321      P1030322

A quietly bubbling stream. Our walk will take us up over the distant hills.

P1030323 P1030324

Still more hills to climb! A hidden gem along the way.

P1030325_2 P1030327 P1030329 P1030330

P1030332 P1030333

The four shots above are of scenes along the track as we made our way up to and over Lining Crag and the end of the hard work.

P1030334 P1030337

In the distance is today’s destination, Grasmere

P1030340 P1030342 P1030343 P1030345 P1030346          P1030341

More track shots and views of a distant Grasmere as we approach it.

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