Day Six: Burnbanks to Orton

Day Six of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast: Burnbanks to Orton;  17 km, weather: warm and sunny.

  …route finding across meadows to medieval Shap Abbey and Shap Village. (page 66) A venture into one of England’s few Empty Quarters, traversing a gap on the map via wild moorland, gentle sheep farming intakes and the dramatic remains of Victorian rail engineering…(page 78), Martin Waignwright, “The Coast to Coast Walk”.

Our taxi arrived at our overnight digs at Moorahill Barn and soon had us trackside once more at Burnbanks. Surprisingly I had few aches and pains, although Ann’s feet were a tad sore.

The walk today took us initially through small plots of forest, over a river and out across fields. Very pretty countryside.

P1030425        P1030426

P1030427 P1030428Eventually we arrived at Shap Abbey, about 2 km from the village of Shap. We explored the ruins of the Abbey which was completed around the 1200s.. The Abbey would have been magnificent in its heyday. In amongst the ruins I noted a plaque dedicated to Baden-Powell the founder of the boy scout movement.

P1030431 P1030434 P1030435 P1030437 P1030438 P1030439 P1030441 P1030443 P1030444 P1030445 P1030447 P1030448 P1030449 

From Shap Abbey we moved on to the quaint village of Shap and after a short time of exploration we pushed on, walking across open fields stopping in the shade of a small clump of trees near Oddendale. The lunch prepared by Julie our host from last evening, was superb! Sated from the fine lunch, we made our way towards Orton, passing ancient stone circles and what was purported to be Robin Hood’s grave. The day was turning out to be fairly warm, especially once the cloud cover had burnt off.

P1030451 P1030453 P1030455 P1030456 P1030458 P1030459 P1030460 P1030461 P1030463 

Arriving at a junction of an A and a B road, adjacent to Orton Scar, we were soon able to view the village of Orton- a super little village with an unusual church, made up of three different styles of church architecture. After a quick Cook’s Tour around the village we made our way to Mostyn House, our overnight accommodation. Our hostess Olive was not due back until 5pm so we dropped our packs and went for a thorough exploration of the church and the town, admiring the exquisite English gardens which were in full bloom.

P1030464    P1030469

On arrival back at our digs we had a pleasant chat with Olive, showered the day’s grime off and proceeded to the George Hotel. The steak and ale pie, which was washed down with copious amounts of the publican’s finest, was delicious. Any hopes of losing weight on this journey were well and truly being dashed!

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