Day Ten: Keld to Reeth

Day Ten of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast: Keld to Reeth;  17 km, weather: overcast with sunny patches and light rain-we nearly had it all. 

A fascinating meander among the ruins of Swaledale’s lead industry, reached and left by beautiful stretches of riverside, rich in flowers, wildlife and waterfalls. 

Keld to Reeth

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Left Keld at around 9.30 am- late start today. We followed the Swale River out of Keld. Before too long we were checking out the ruins of “Crackpot Hall” with fantastic views down the narrow valley of the Kidston Gorge and the distant dale, having passed the beautiful Kidston Falls earlier.

P1030541         P1030542P1030543   P1030544

 P1030545   P1030548

P1030546    P1030549

Passing through the remains of England’s lead mining industry, with the skeletons of machinery and old mine entrances one could only wonder what it was like in its heyday- noisy, filthy and certainly a disaster for the environment. It will be many, many generations before this area comes back.

P1030550 P1030551

Rain hit us around Gunnerside Gill and with it our navigation. We came down of the ridge too early and foundd ourselves wandering through meadows. We soon found a road near Low Row and joined the Coast to Coast track at this point. This proved to be a gentle ramble as we wound our way into the township of Reeth.

 P1030552 P1030553 P1030554 P1030555 P1030556 P1030557

The barn above was used by Wainwright for shelter on his Coast to Coast journey. It also features in the BBC production about the Coast to Coast.

P1030558 P1030559 P1030560 P1030561 P1030562 P1030563

The pictures above give an idea of the gentleness of the countryside as we made our way into Reeth.

P1030564 P1030565

Our overnight accommodation was The Old Temperance Bookshop. Our hostess this evening was Elizabeth, the rather eccentric wife of a retired Minister – hence the bookshop was a Christian Bookshop. After dinner at one of the local pubs it was a quiet evening in. Funny enough, what should we watch but a BBC programme on Wainwright and the Coast to Coast!


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